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Verification of 2005 Report to Stakeholders

“In line with and in support of Rio Tinto’s commitment to conduct its business with integrity, and in accordance with the laws and regulations to which its activities are subject, Rössing rolled out the Compliance Training Modules to all its managers at the end of 2005 and to superintendents during 2006.

In 2007, it will be mandatory for all first line managers to complete these modules, which cover a wide range of topics such as Rio Tinto: The way we work; Safety standards; Health standards; Environmental standards; Human rights guidance, Antitrust Policy and Guidance – to mention but a few.”

Glynis Labuschagne

Manager: Compliance
Company Secretary

“I think within the whole mining industry the emphasis is on good corporate governance. It is very important, because if something goes wrong with one operation, it affects all of us. And I think so far, in terms of corporate governance, we as an industry have done well. Certainly, Rössing has been excellent in terms of corporate governance. They say actions speak louder than words and I’m sure Rössing’s actions are evidence of this. When you talk of corporate governance, you also talk about issues of transparency and adhering to all sorts of standards, including safety standards, and I think it’s all there to see. Rössing has achieved excellent safety standards. It makes the Chamber of Mines very proud of their achievements.”

Veston Malango
General Manager: Chamber of Mines of Namibia



In the past, mining companies were often reluctant to talk about their environmental impact, either fearing for the company’s reputation if they admitted to environmental incidents or thinking that the information might be misunderstood. This lack of openness made people suspect the worst, creating rumour and mistrust. These days everyone is more aware of environmental issues, and international reporting requirements ensure that accurate information about a mine’s social, economic and environmental performance is made available to the public.

The main purpose of the annual Report to Stakeholders is to provide an accurate overview of Rössing’s activities and its engagement with stakeholders during a specific year of operation. It is Rössing’s sincere intention to provide a fair and accurate reflection of our activities and performance. Independent feedback from stakeholders, that we have succeeded in the purpose of our reports, provides an important basis for continuous improvement. To assist us in actively raising our standards in all our operations and activities, we asked various stakeholders to verify the 2005 report.





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