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List of References

The documents are available electronically from the Rio Tinto website www.riotinto.com or by writing to Rio Tinto, 6 St. James’s Square, London, SW1Y 4LD, England

The way we work - Our statement of business practice.

The way we buy - Our statement of procurement practice.

Human rights guidance - Guidance for managers on implementing the human rights policy in The way we work.

Compliance guidance  - This document provides programme guidance and guidelines for Group managers on implementing the Group’s policies including those contained in The way we work, Rio Tinto’s statement of business practice.

Business integrity guidance - This document offers guidance to group managers implementing the policies on business integrity and political involvement set out in The way we work, Rio Tinto’s statement of business practice.



Corporate governance guidance - This document offers guidance to Group managers on Rio Tinto’s corporate governance policies and procedures.

Antitrust Policy and Guidance

Our key relationships

Sustainable Development

Corporate standards – Safety

Corporate standards – Occupational health

Corporate standards – Environment

Corporate standards – Communities

Corporate standards -  Closure





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